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HJC offers a complete line of film capacitors including X2 across the line, Y2/X1, motor run, motor start, as well as most all general purpose applications. HJC is a leading manufacturer of film capacitors and has one of the largest manufacturing capabilities in Asia. HJC production capabilities continue to increase in support of the growing needs of the power supply and lighting industries. HJC has invested in automation and equipment that provides competitive pricing and insures that HJC will continue to be a low price and quality leader.

HJC Selection Guide

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X2 4th generation
X2 5th generation – new smaller packages

NEW! - X2 for High Temperature and High Humidity environments. Used for Automatic Meter Reading, Commercial Outdoor Street Lighting, Military Field devices and other types of electronic devices that are used in uncontrolled environments.

The THB will pass the 85°C / 85% relative humidity test for 1,000 hours with 240 VAC applied. (Click the link below.)

X2 THB Temperature Humidity Bias 1000 Hour spec sheet.

The THB is also offered in a 500 hour version.

X2 THB Temperature Humidity Bias 500 Hour spec sheet.

Technical Information

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AC Voltage vs. Frequency Graphs by Series

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