Printed Circuit BoardsPrinted Circuit Boards

ICD Sales Corp. supplies production requirements of PCB’s.  From several sources of PCB’s in Taiwan and China, ICD will match your needs with the best value in our supplier base.  We handle all communication, shipping and will warehouse in our facility to supply you with excellent flexibility and control of your inventory.

We provide units with a range of specifications including the following:

Quality Standards Solder Mask Other Processing
IPC-A-600 Conventional CNC Routing
IPC-6011 Liquid Photoimagable Punch
IPC-6012 Peelable mask Scoring (V-cutting)
    Continuity Testing 100%
Capabilities Material Surface Finishes
3 mil lines and spaces (0.075mm) CEM-1 Solder Coat (H.A.L.)
6 mil hole finished min. (0.15mm) FR-4 Electroless Ni/Au
24”x24” max overall (610mm x 610mm) FR-4 TG170 OSP(Preflux)
12 mil SMD min pitch (0.3mm) Aluminum Substrate Immersion Silver
1-20 layers rigid FR406 Galvanic Gold Plating
IVH Boards FR408 Carbon Printing
Flex Rogers Silver Printing
Rigid Flex Halogen Free Immersion Tin
PCMCIA thickness 6 layers= 18mil (0.45mm)    
4 layers= 10mil (0.25mm)    
2 layers=  4 mil (0.10mm)    

Email ICD today with your requirements and Gerber files for pricing.

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