RTR Energia – “The Energy of the Future”

Innovation: RTR Energia’s Management has innovative abilities to ensure the company success. Innovation leading research in the development of new energy solutions that actually provide answers to the energy challenges faced by our planet in the 21st Century. We believe in a future where the efficient use of energy resources will be a key factor in society’s development.
Global: RTR Energía has become an international reference in the fields of electrical engineering and energy saving. Our products are present in more than 60 countries and we have manufacturing units in Spain and Chile. Furthermore, we have sales offices located strategically throughout the world.
The Environment: Our solutions focus on optimization and quality in energy use. Solutions that will support the next energy revolution. Allowing us to create a new more efficient, sustainable and competitive energy model, in which economic growth and care for the environment can coincide in perfect harmony.
Energy Saving and Efficiency
In order to contribute to energy saving and efficiency we have developed a wide range of products: • Automatic Capacitor Banks• Three Phase Capacitors• Harmonic Filters• Monitoring Equipment• Lighting and motor run capacitors
RTR Energía has become a brand of distinguished reference in the market of capacitor banks. The installation of a capacitor banks contributes to minimizing the impact from the reactive energy demand and increases, in this way, the quality of the energy used. The implementation of these type of solutions will play a leading role in the development of the energy of the future, decisively contributing to the global objectives of energy saving and efficiency.
Save up to 30%
Thanks to the installation of capacitor banks, companies are able to save up to 30% in their energy bills, this so solution contributes to energy saving and at the same time improves competitiveness along the business network. This is intelligent way to produce better quality energy while paying less.


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