More about Samwha Group

Samwha Group has been in the business of designing and producing capacitors of many types along with magnetic and wire wound components for over 35 years.  Headquartered in Korea, they design and produce a wide variety of products based on their global network strategy of facilities.  It employs a strategy that includes substantial vertical integration by developing world class operations for ferrite cores and capacitors components such as foils. 

In the past few years Samwha Electric Co. has placed a major development emphasis on their Green-Cap line of EDLC (Electric Double Layer Capacitors) super capacitors.  With a marketing emphasis on the electrical properties and high capacitance opportunities, these products are bringing new solutions to product designers and developers around the world.  These batteries are more environmentally friendly than many traditional electrolytics on the market, thus the Green-Cap brand name. 

By its commitment to high quality low cost electronic devices and continued R&D and development of new products for the market, the Samwha Group continues to solidify its high position in the electronics industry.  ICD Sales is proud to be an authorized representative for Samwha in North America.

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