CellergyMore about Cellergy - Super Capacitors

ICD is a distributor of Cellergy super capacitors.  Cellergy was founded in 2002 and manufactures low cost electrochemical double layer capacitors (EDLC), utilizing its own proprietary process based on screenprinting techniques. The technology of Cellergy was developed, based on unique insights into the capabilities of screen printing for the mass production of electronic components, and development of unique patented processes for wet process application of the screen printing technique.

Cellergy’s proprietary manufacturing process utilizes a proven screen printing technique, ideal for inexpensive high volume production. Current production uses off-the-shelf materials with multiple sources, while development is under way of unique proprietary materials that will further enhance and improve performance in next generation products.

The primary applications for Cellergy super capacitors are in digital and portable electronic appliances.  The ultra thin package sizes, as thin as 1.7mm, support small lightweight products of many types.  Widely used in RF and other applications these high pulse current super capacitors may be just the unique component to make your product Super.  

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