Introducing Alcon Electronics for Induction Heating and Custom Capacitor Applications

Alcon has been manufacturing capacitors since 1977. Applications include industrial, telecom and strategic electronics. As technology has advanced and requirements continue to evolve, Alcon has introduced new series of film capacitors to support today’s demanding applications. Alcon offers a wide range of standard capacitors, for applications in power electronic circuitry. Today Alcon is a well established company in the electronic components industry. Alcon has been able to meet the quality criteria of users by applying the latest technology, exacting quality management and quality assurance procedures. Alcon believes that quality must be built into
the entire manufacturing process. The product quality is assured by the finest inputs, proven technology, modern production processes and stringent quality control. All critical raw materials and components are sourced from the highest quality suppliers from around the world. Alcon is registered to ISO 9001 by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Custom-designed capacitors account for 50% of Alcon’s sales.

Designing capacitors for special applications requires an in-depth understanding of the application, knowledge of changing technologies, the ability to develop innovative technology concepts and finally, incorporating these concepts into the capacitor design, so that users are assured of high reliability and high performance products. This is where Alcon excels as a capacitor manufacturer. Alcon’s Custom Designs Capability is unmatched. One of Alcon’s significant plus points is that every stage of product development and innovation is evaluated in terms of changing technologies and user needs. In aluminum electrolytic capacitors we introduced the use of cold welded contacts, multiple tabbing, crimped can construction, low resistance electrolytes, low-density papers and high safety margin on the rated dielectric forming voltage. In polypropylene film-foil capacitors, impregnated elements eliminate corona from within the winding. This gives the capacitors a high AC voltage rating for a given DC voltage rating. These new technology concepts developed in-house, help produce capacitors with better performance and longer life for sophisticated and special applications.

Our technical competence accounts for our blue chip customer base of equipment manufacturers including most of the major UPS manufacturers.

At Alcon, responsiveness to customers needs is an integral part of our marketing strategy. We work together with customers to understand their production operations and application needs, analyze problems and offer optimum solutions. We do what it takes to satisfy customer requirements.

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